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' Healthy ~ Wealthy ~ Wise '

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" Forth all the children of Newtown, I pray to thee innocent spirits reborn of greater destiny, who in learning our language and common ways departed unknown to teach us thou ways of gracious beauty beholding thee. Thou God reigns tears of heaven on earth, forth all that is known is a whispering memoir reborn of ocean waves washing golden sand ashore to cleanse the soul of eternity. As our greatest moments of life are thou shadows of the night beholding the sincere enlightenment of silent sensual sensations whispering gracious elegance reborn of thee. Forth ee who doth stand strong without weapons of war, a greater world thou behold of thee to guide and protect our destiny. As seeds of society there is unhumble despair born of lost worlds, forth thee of beautiful memoirs of today enlighten my way forever and ever I behold thee "