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 "The International Monetary System Security is Gold" - Please review the presentations here inregards to your financial security with Gold - Then Click on " SignUp Today " where you will be directed to a registration form to fill out in regards to setting up a " FREE KB GOLD AFFILIATE ACCOUNT " with personal website for you to represent KB Gold for "INCOME" - You also have the option to open up a
 " SECURED KB BANK ACCOUNT " online for as little as $65. usa dollars minimum deposit - The Online
" KB Saving Account " is secured by Gold & Silver stored in a Swiss Vault and has the convenience to purchase and sell Gold & Silver at the very best International Prices
* KB Gold - 3 Minute Recorded Info Line - 1-605 475-4309 ( Code : 625586 )






- KB Gold was founded with a vision to secure people worldwide with gold -
- KB is the largest manufacturer and supplier of 1 gram gold bars in the world -

- Within two years they have sold more than 3 tons of gold to their worldwide clients -
- Furthermore KB offers their clients the highest buying back price worldwide -
- KB triggered a revolution when they introduced the 0.5 gram gold kinebar in February 2010 -
- Today our gold comes in 0.5, 1, 2.5 and 5 gram cards -
- The gold is pure 24 kt fine gold 999.9. Kinebar grade gold currency -
- Every gold card is heat sealed with the gold inside -
- Every nicely designed card is unique with blind writing, serial number and hologram -
- The hologram indicates that it is a "kinebar" and is the highest certification in the world -
- Easy to use online Customer Access -
- The constant availability of your assets -


- The physical possession of your assets -


- Delivery of only the highest-quality products -

- A purity level of 24 kt fine 999.9 Kinebar grade gold -
- A free online inventory of your stored precious metal assets -


- Free storage of your assets, for as long as you need it -


- Swiss Vault Depot facility at the St. Gotthard Massive in Switzerland -


- A lifelong, free exchange of your gold bar, should the gold certificate get damaged -


- In the case of loss (e.g. through theft) KB Edelmetall is exclusively liable -


- A unique feature, as such a warranty can only be issued by a company producing its own gold -


- Free delivery within open countries, starting at 100 bars and a minimum payment of 5,000 Euro -


- Assurance, that your gold bars can be exchanged to fiat currency anytime at a buy back price guarantee -




- KB strives a gold mining and refining method, especially developed in order not to pollute the environment in anyway -

- For this the technicians have developed machines with which only KB precious metals is working -

- The stones will first be grounded. In a following process the stone rubble will be separated from the metal -

- This technique is costlier than common methods, all that is mined from KB mines is processed without toxic chemicals -

- We think, all refineries in the world using toxic chemicals (like cyanide) in mining and refining should use similar process -

- All world refineries that are using toxic chemicals in refining should think about their methods on how to refine gold -

- Sadly around 90% of all refineries around the world are using toxic chemicals in their gold production -

- These gold bars are called "Green Gold Bars", as they are gained and produced without chemicals -

- This production is unique worldwide, the machines for it are custom products and are protected by International patent -

- In other companies gold is won with chemical additives, which damages the environment -


- By buying these bars you also protect the environment -



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* 2007 average gold mining & extraction costs were about $317 / oz usa *

* 2007 global mine production amounted to 2,471.1 tonnes *


* At the end of 2009, it was estimated that all the gold ever mined totaled 165,000 tonnes *

This can be represented by a cube with an edge length of about 20.28 meters.

The 2009 value of this was very limited to approximatly $1,200 per ounce,

165,000 tons of gold would have a value of only 6.6 trillion dollars.
- Earth's oceans contain approximate 15,000 tons of gold -


* 1 metric tonne (1,000 kilograms) = 2204.63 lbs x 16 oz = 35,274.o8 ozs *

* 165,000 tonne x 35,274.08 ozs = 5,820,223,200 gold ozs *

* Jan. 2011 USA Gold Spot Price = $1,380. oz usa *



* $1,380. oz x 5,820,223,200 gold ozs =  $8,031,908,016,000 usa







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  Information Needed to Open a KB Gold Account  



- Here is the information needed to open up your
" Free KB Gold Affiliate Account " for income
it includes a free personal website -




- or Email me the information required
and I'll email you back your new account id #
and your personal website link with back office -


Here is my current : KB Gold Affiliate Website



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