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A DNA Tribes® report includes a unique high resolution World Region Match analysis
that measures genetic connections to major genetic regions identified exclusively by DNA Tribes® original research:



  • Aegean : The eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia region,
    including modern territories of Southern Italy and Sicily, Greece, and Turkey.
  • Arabian : The Arabian Peninsula.
  • Eastern European : The Slavic speaking region of Eastern Europe.
  • Finno-Ugrian : The Uralic speaking region of Northeastern Europe.
  • Levantine : Populations along the coast of the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
  • Mediterranean : The Romance speaking region of Southwestern Europe.
  • Mesopotamian : The historical “Cradle of Western Civilization"
    including modern Iran, Iraq and nearby territories.
  • North African : Populations of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert.
  • Northwest European : The Celtic and Germanic speaking region of Northwestern Europe.
    • Arctic : Inuit (Eskimo) peoples of Alaska and related
      peoples of far eastern Siberia.
    • Athabaskan : Athabaskan speaking Dine peoples of
      western North America.
    • Mexican : Native peoples of Mexico, including the
      historical territories of the Aztec Empire.
    • North Amerindian : Native peoples of the Great Plains
      region of North America.
    • Ojibwa (East Algonquian) : Eastern Algonquian speaking
      peoples of northeastern North America.
    • Salishan : Salish of the Pacific Northwest.

    Native Central and South American Regions :


    • Amazonian : Peoples of eastern South America, including
      the Amazonian Basin and extending to present day southern Brazil and northern Argentina.
    • Andean : Peoples of the Andean Mountains of western
      South America, including the territories of the historical Inca Empire.
    • Central American : Peoples of the Central American Isthmus and northern South America.
    • Mayan : The historically Mayan region of Mesoamerica.
    • Patagonian : The plains region of southern South America.
    • Mestizo (“mixed”) (not shown) : Native Americans who
      have blended with Europeans and (to a lesser degree)
      Africans in recent history. This blending is most typical of
      Latin American Mestizo populations, but can also be
      found in English and French speaking populations of
      North America (Metis).

    • East African : The Great Lakes and Horn of Africa. This
      region is home to the source of the White Nile River and is
      united by the Swahili language.
    • Southern African : This southeastern region of Africa is
      home to Khoisan speakers as well as Bantu speaking
      cultures that have expanded from West Africa in ancient times.
    • West African : Coastal West Africa, the origin point for
      many African Diaspora communities now living around the world.

    Central and South Asian Regions:

    • Altaian : Altaic-speaking peoples of Central Asia, including
      the homelands of the historically nomadic Turkic and
      Mongolic peoples who have invaded Europe, the Near
      East, India, China, and other neighboring lands.
    • Eastern India : The eastern Indian Subcontinent.
    • North India : Northern India, Pakistan and neighboring
      territories, including the homeland of the ancient Vedic civilization.
    • South India : The southern Indian Subcontinent, including
      the Dravidian speaking peoples of Tamil Nadu and many other cultures.

    East Asian Regions:


    • Japanese : The Japanese Archipelago.
    • Malay Archipelago : Island Southeast Asia.
    • North Chinese : This region includes the “cradle of Chinese
      civilization” along the Yellow River, and is home to not only
      northern Han Chinese, but also Koreans and Mongolic and Tungusic peoples.
    • South Chinese : Southern China, including southern Han Chinese as well as other ethnic groups.
    • Southeast Asian : Mainland Southeast Asia.
    • Tibetan : The region including the Himalayan Mountains
      and the Tibetan Plateau and extends to the western provinces of modern China.

    Pacific Regions:


    • Australian : Aboriginal peoples of Australia and Papua New Guinea.
    • Polynesian : Literally meaning “many islands,” the
      Polynesian region includes related peoples living between
      Samoa and New Zealand in the west to Hawaii in the east.


    DNA Tribes® analysis identifies the peoples and places where your geographical genetic ancestry is most strongly represented. DNA Tribes is the only personal genetic analysis that compares your genetic profile to a population database that includesover 305,000 individuals from920 populations around the world, including 673 indigenouspopulations:
    Click each continent for a complete list of populations currently in our global database:



    Global Population Database Updates
    Check News & Updates for announcements of newly added populations





    • DNA Tribes® Europa is a specialized
      analysis that goes beyond core BGA Plus
      results to provide a detailed comparison to
      European sub-regions identified by DNA
      Tribes® proprietary analysis of genetic data
      representing thousands of individuals in all
      parts of Europe.

    • Example Results: Example DNA Tribes®
      Europa reports can be viewed by clicking
      the links below (Note: These full-color
      illustrated PDF reports can take several
      moments to download):